laptop tethering tmobile one speedtest

Speed Testing T-Mobile One Tethering

I work remotely all the time and love being able to work from anywhere via tethering my Mac to my iPhone.  I recently switched over to the One plan which is supposed to max out at 3G speeds, unless you pay another $25/month and upgrade to the plus, which I haven’t done.  So I thought I’d give it a try. In fact, I’m using it right now to write this post.  Here are the results:

Verdict: speeds as advertised, but it can be annoying

Yea it’s better than nothing.  I’m surprised how slow websites are with only .5 megabit connection, it seemed faster looking back to 2000.  I can work with it though.  When t-mobile one first launched they were limiting tethering to 2G speeds, I’m glad they upped that to 3G, I wouldn’t think it would be usable and they probably received too many complaints. Upgrade to t-mobile one plus international if you true road warrior.

UPDATE 2017-02-01

If you tend to work late at night as I do, like past midnight. The tethering does seem to get faster. I’ve seen speeds approach 1Mbit, not always but many times. Maybe they open it up when demand is really low? What’s your experience been like – love to hear.

Test Download Upload Ping
iPhone OpenSignal App 24.2 Mbit 9.6 Mbit 42ms
iPhone 31.15 Mbit 8.32 Mbit 47ms
Laptop Tether .52 Mbit .50 Mbit 57ms
Laptop Tether .57 Mbit .51 Mbit 76ms

Screenshots of Tests

local network comparisons-opensignal
OpenSignal app on LTE 4 bars of signal in my area comparing all local mobile networks.


laptop tethering t-mobile one google speed test
Laptop tethering t-mobile one google speed test


speed test tmobile from phone app t-mobile from iPhone


opensignal speed tmobile from phone
OpenSignal speed tmobile from phone


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